Lunes 8 de Julio 2024

Do not fall! Passport appointments are free

Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns about fake websites

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) informed the public about the existence of fake websites that appear to have an official internet domain. 

However, these are fraudulent sites with deceptive purposes that have already been reported. Domains with altered endings such as or “” are fraudulent since official pages, whether for passport appointments or any other procedures, will never have such an ending. 

“The public is requested to be vigilant and verify that the websites they access for official procedures have the domain without alterations,” indicated a press release to avoid scams, fraud, and information theft through fake sites.

The Foreign Ministry emphasized that scheduling an appointment for passport issuance is completely free and can only be done through the three official channels: 

  • Official website: 
  • By phone at: +52 55 8932 4827 
  • By WhatsApp message at: +52 55 8932 4827 

It also emphasized that the only payment the public must make is the fee for their passport, which is done once the person has received the appointment confirmation form via email. 

Payment is made only at bank counters or through online banking, never through third-party transfers. 

The MFA reaffirms its commitment to providing public service while urging the community to stay alert and avoid becoming victims of fraud in the management of these services.